You have enlisted in the Imperial military and have been assigned to various positions aboard Vader’s personal ship, the Executor. 3 years after the of the Battle of Yavin, Darth Vader’s fleet approaches the ice planet Hoth to attack the Rebel base located there.

As always post a char write up and background. When you do your background, answer these questions.
Why did you join the Empire?
How do you feel about the Empire?
How do you feel about the Rebellion?
What do you love?
What do you hate?
What do you fear?

-Your job on the Executor (chosen randomly before making a char or all players must agree on picking one).
1. Bridge Pilot Crew.
2. Security Force Crew.
3. Medical Crew.
4. Droid Pool Crew.
5. Intelligence Analyst Assistant.
6. Weapon Tech Specialist.

-Stats (placed where you see fit)

You must be Human.

Any out of the core book (no Jedi).

-Prestige Classes
Pending setting and GM approval. None pertaining Sith, Jedi, or the Force.

Your position on the Executor will not require you to carry weapons, other then a stun baton or blaster pistol. Any equipment with illegal rating is unavailable for purchase at character creation. You must pay the additional license fee for any available equipment that has a restriction rating. At 1st level, you need not make any skill checks to obtain an item with a restriction rating, simply pay the additional license fee.

-Rank and Privilege
Will be using the R&P system from the Galaxy at War book.

Going to be using Backgrounds instead of Destinies. (Rebellion Era book)

-The Force
No one will be able to take Force Sensitivity feat.

-House Rules
Benefit (replace 1st paragraph with): You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your Reflex Defense against attacks from all opponents that are within your line of sight.

Natural Healing
(SECR pg148, replace 1st sentence with the following) A living creature that gets eight hours of rest within a 24-hour period, four hours of which must be consecutive, heals one-quarter of their full hit point total (rounded down) or a number of hit points equal to their Constitution score, whichever is greater.

Diagonal Movement
(SECR pg158) Remove the first paragraph; diagonal movement has no increased cost in movement.

Learning Additional Languages
Instead of relying solely upon the Linguist feat to gain new languages, characters that travel broadly and are exposed to a variety of languages can be assumed to have gained basic fluency with one additional language starting at 3rd level and every other level thereafter, provided the character has spent a significant amount of time interacting with those who already speak the language. Examples would be Huttese after spending a few months on Nal Hutta, High Galactic from working as a Republic Senate liaison, or unusual dialects while traveling across the galaxy with a Jedi Master.

While using weapons with a clip, energy pack, and etc. If you roll a natural 1, you must reload the weapon.

Treat Injury (new)
Critical Care (Trained Only; requires a medpac and surgery kit): You can attempt to use multiple medpacs on a creature in a 24-hour period. This requires one minute, and it expends the contents of one medpac. If you succeed on a DC 25 Treat Injury check, the creature regains a number of hit points equal to its character level, plus 1 hit point for every point by which your check result exceeds the DC. You take a –5 penalty to your Treat Injury check for every previous attempt at critical care in the last 24 hours, even if that attempt was unsuccessful. If you fail on the Treat Injury check, the creature overdoses on the medicines in the medpac, causing it to take damage equal to its damage threshold. If this would reduce the creature to 0 hit points, it dies unless it can spend a Force Point to save itself. You can attempt to perform critical care on yourself, but you take a –5 penalty on your Treat Injury check.


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